Mike Finnerty is a Chicago native, saxophonist, bandleader and session musician who has established himself as one of the city's leading tenor players over a career that spans almost forty years.

Priding himself on his traditional approach to melody, harmony and rhythm, Mike's playing combines a deep reverance for the accomplishments of such greats as Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Dexter Gordon with a lively, irreverant style that engages the listeners ears, heart and sense of humor.

Exhibiting an impressive range of styles and a broad kowledge of both jazz standards and little-known gems, Mike combines a love of America's most distinctive form of music with a rare dedication to excellence on his chosen instrument. For over thirty years Mike and his band, the Heatmerchants, have performed their mix of vintage jazz,be-bop ballads and blues "effusion" for audiences in Chicago and its environs, providing a blusier kind of jazz and jazzier kind of blues to appreciative listeners both home-grown and from the four corners of the globe