left to right, top to bottom

1. Mike onstage, contemporary

2. Mike with Charlie and the Coalition, 1976

3. Flyer for Jungle Kings featuring Lou Finnerty, '40's

4. Marquee, Get Me High Club, Bucktown, Chicago, late Eighties

5. Lew Finnerty, '40's

6. Lew Finnerty, undated

7. Mike with guitarist Ron Crockett at Wicked Wanda's, '80's

8. Mike onstage, '80's

9. Gloria Brown Finnerty (Mike's mother)

10. Mike onstage. contemporary

11. Gloria Brown Finnerty in between sets at the Normandy Lounge, 1950's

12. Lew Finnerty 1942 with Bud Jacobson's JUNGLE KINGS Bud Jacobson tenor sax Volly De Faut clarinet unknown trumpet and trombone Oro "Tut" Soper piano and Pat Patterson bass

13. Gloria Brown Finnerty, promo shot '50s